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File a claim for computer damages from your electric company
Was your computer equipment damaged after a reported power spike from a Con Ed substation failure (i.e. explosion) or after a scheduled outage in your residential or commercial building? You can file claim for damages and request a reimbursement for a computer repair by submitting your invoice.

HCL Email Marketing (PMR) - One-time Purchase for 1 PC / Mac
Simplify and automate email correspondence with customers and employees including bounce and opt-out management. Mail merge data from Excel to e-mail messages. Data can be mail merged to Subject and Body including advanced options --- dynamically append unique attachments for each recipient. Supports importing HTML files, Word, RTF, etc. into the message body. Email blasts can be sent immediately or scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly including optional load balancing functionality. Configure POP / SMTP accounts including Gmail, Yahoo and business email accounts.
Note: HCLTech has an annual revenue of $10 billion as of July 2020.

Computer Docudrama: Valley of the Boom (2019)
Docudrama crosscut with real interviews about the 1990s tech boom in the Silicon Valley. Episode 1: Jim Barksdale and team take the ever-expanding Netscape on a road show in search of potential investors. Stephan Paternot and Todd Krizelman struggle to secure financing for their virtual community platform,

Computer Documentary: Via Amiga (2017)
In a world of green on black, they dared to dream in color. 1985: An upstart team of Silicon Valley mavericks created a miracle: the Amiga computer. A machine made for creativity. For games, for art, for expression. Breaking from the mold set by IBM and Apple, this was something new. Something to change what people believed computers could do. 2016: The future they saw isn't the one we live in now. Or is it? From the creation of the world's first multimedia digital art powerhouse, to a bankrupt shell sold and resold into obscurity, to a post-punk spark revitalized by determined fans. Viva Amiga is a look at a digital dream and the freaks, geeks and geniuses who brought it to life. And the Amiga is still alive.

CollabSphere 2022: Oct 19-20, 2022 - Free virtual two-day technology event
Come join us on October 19-20, 2022 for the fourteenth annual CollabSphere conference. This two-day global event focuses on HCL technology and solutions. Learn from your fellow IT and business professionals, while sharing your experiences and best practices. CollabSphere 2022 will be an online event. Our 2022 theme "Our Community, Our Stories" symbolizes bringing everyone together to learn and network. Along with learning what's new that is coming from HCL, this year we would like for everyone to share their stories about how they became involved with the HCL technology and the interesting things they have done with the technologies.

How can I extend the life of my laptop or desktop computer?
(1) If laptop, buy a "Soundance Laptop Stand" from Amazon to prevent overheating, (2) Perform a Windows / macOS shutdown before going to bed, rather than allowing sleep mode, (3) Use a surge protector power strip and plug power adapter side first into power strip, then other end into laptop [in this exact order] to prevent a spark power surge up wire into laptop which can cause damage.

HCL Financial Manager - One-time Purchase for 1 PC / Mac
Balance your checkbook... Manage and maintain daily personal and business finances. It supports features associated with financial accounts such as tracking expenses, payees, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. Scan and attach bills, receipts, photos, etc. to register entries. Reports and graphs help show where the money is going to see the complete picture of your finances. Automatically generate label, envelope and letter mail merges for payees. Print checks from register entries to pay bills, employees, etc. Supports importing data from Microsoft Money, Quicken and QuickBooks. i.e. Import QIF files. Note: HCLTech has an annual revenue of $10 billion as of July 2020.

Import photos and videos from an iPhone to Windows (PC)
Transfer photos from an iPhone to your PC... First, connect your iPhone to a PC with a USB cable that can transfer files. (1) Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can’t find the device if the device is locked. (2) On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app. (3) Select Import > From a USB device, then follow the instructions. You can pick the items you want to import and select where to save them. Allow a few moments for detection and transfer. Note: Make sure the photos you want to import are actually on the device rather than in the cloud. Then, follow the steps for your type of device.

How Scammers Convince You To Pay With Gift Cards
Someone might ask you to pay for something by putting money on a gift card, like a Google Play or iTunes card, and then giving them the numbers on the back of the card. If they ask you to do this, they’re trying to scam you. No real business or government agency will ever insist you pay them with a gift card. Anyone who demands to be paid with a gift card is a scammer. Read on to learn more about gift card scams.

Convert VCR home movies to MP4 videos and share on social media
Do you still have VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Betamax, etc. video tapes that you wish you can easily watch from any TV, computer or mobile device? You can convert them yourself using the 3 step process described below. Optionally, if you prefer to have someone else do it for you, you can drop your tapes off at Super Computer Doctor, and they can convert them for a service fee.
1. You will need a VCR player that is working properly. If you have a very old one you should probably by a new one or at least buy a VHS video tape cleaning kit to clean your existing VHS heads inside the VCR. Your VCR tapes might be in good condition, but your old VCR might be damaged including dirty heads which will play tapes in poor quality.
2. You will also need a USB video import adapter that allows you to import your VCR home movies into your computer which includes software to import, trim video length, etc. i.e. Hauppauge USB-Live2 including Hauppauge Capture software.
3. Finally, you will need video file format converter software which allows you to convert the imported video from native format to standard social media format, for example, from TS file [MPEG2] when using Hauppauge Capture to MP4 file [MPEG4]. Nero Recode is an example of software that allows you to convert video file formats. It is also included with Nero Platinum Suite.
Note: If you "data" burn MP4 video files to a BD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R or CD-R they will play in a Blu-ray player. The corporate office for the USB-Live2 adapter is in Hauppauge, NY on Long Island.

CollabSphere 2021: Oct 19-21, 2021 - Free virtual three-day technology event
Come join us on October 19-21, 2021 for the thirteenth annual CollabSphere conference. This three-day global event focuses on HCL technology and solutions. Learn from your fellow IT and business professionals, while sharing your experiences and best practices. As the global pandemic continues, CollabSphere 2021 will be an online event. Our 2021 theme "Building Together" symbolizes bringing everyone together to learn and network. We look forward in the continue growth of our community bringing everyone together to share knowledge and expand awareness in collaboration technology.

How to Spot, Avoid and Report Tech Support Scams
Tech support scammers want you to believe you have a serious problem with your computer, like a virus. They want you to pay for tech support services you don't need, to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. They often ask you to pay by wiring money, putting money on a gift card, prepaid card or cash reload card, or using a money transfer app because they know those types of payments can be hard to reverse.

Mirror an iPhone or iPad iOS device to Fire TV
1. Start Fire TV, then download free app: LetsView
2. Start LetsView app, then select "Phone Screen Mirroring" and follow instructions which includes donwnloading free "Screen Mirroring: LetsView" app to your iOS device.
3. Connect to your WiFi on your iPhone or iPad.
4. Start LetsView app on your iOS device.
5. Swipe down from top right corner of your iPhone or iPad [swipe up if iPhone 8 or lower], then tap screen mirroring icon which looks like 2 squares intersecting.
6. Tap the name which displays "LetsView". Note: If it doesn't display "LetView" then repeat steps 2 thru 5 above.
You iPhone or iPad should now be mirrored on your TV.

How to Recognize a Phone Scam
People lose a lot of money to phone scams — sometimes their life savings. Scammers have figured out countless ways to cheat you out of your money over the phone. In some scams, they act friendly and helpful. In others, they might threaten or try to scare you. One thing you can count on is that a phone scammer will try to get your money or your personal information to commit identity theft. Don’t give it to them. Here’s what you need to know...

Watch out for Auto Warranty Scams
If you own a vehicle and a phone, you may receive calls from scammers posing as representatives of a car dealer, manufacturer or insurer telling you that your auto warranty or insurance is about to expire. The call will include some sort of pitch for renewing your warranty or policy. During the call – which often begins automated or pre-recorded – you may be instructed to press a certain number or stay on the line, then asked to provide personal information, which potentially can be used to defraud you. What makes it particularly hard to discern if this type of call is fraudulent is that the scammer may have specific information about your particular car and warranty that they use to deceive you into thinking they are a legitimate caller. Steps you can take to protect yourself...

Windows Alert: Uninstall Adobe Flash Player to help protect your system
Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020 and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021, Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems.

Turn an old phone into a security camera in 3 steps. Here's how to do it
Give your old Android phone or iPhone new life, for free. If you have any old phones collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, don't sell them for a fraction of what you bought them for. If they still turn on, you can put them to good use in your house. You could turn one into a baby monitor or a makeshift Google Home speaker, for example. Those are good ideas and you can find more in the link below, but one of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a home security camera.

CollabSphere 2020: Oct 27-29, 2020 - Free virtual three-day technology event
Collaboration and IT professionals, come join us on October 27-29, 2020 for the twelfth annual CollabSphere conference. This three-day conference focuses on HCL B2B application and HCL Digital Solutions technology and this year will be an online conference. Learn from the your fellow IT and business professionals and share your experiences and best practices.

Scan documents and sign on your iPhone or iPad using the Notes app
Why send a fax when you can simply scan, sign and email using the native Notes app. With the Notes app, you can scan documents and add a signature or manually sign a document on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro for free
If you have a product key for any older Windows Pro version you can use that 25-character key. Click Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Change product key, then enter your Windows 7 or 8 Pro product key and follow the prompts to upgrade from Home to Pro. If you can't find one then just Google "windows 7 pro product keys". Note: Pro allows you to delay 35 days those annoying frequent Windows updates and reboots by clicking Settings > Update & Security > Advanced options > Pause updates > Pause until. You can select the latest date available which delays 35 days. Scroll down to "Choose when updates are installed" and you can delay feature updates 365 days and quality updates 30 days.

Microsoft is killing off support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020
It's the end of the line for Windows 7. Microsoft will no longer support the 11-year-old operating system as of Tuesday. For users, that means Microsoft will stop providing updates and security patches for Windows 7. The changes will affect hundreds of millions of people because more than one-third of PCs use Windows 7, according to NetMarketShare. That is slightly fewer than Windows 10, the most popular PC operating system, which is on about half of the world's personal computers. Windows 10 is used on 900 million devices, according to recent numbers from Microsoft.

Nat Geo: Inside The Internet - 50 Years of Life Online
In 1997 Jonathan Zakin of U.S. Robotics (dial-up modems) was instrumental in engineering the sale of USR to 3Com valued at approximately $8.5 billion, which at the time was the largest sale in the history of the data communications industry. To celebrate the webs big 50th birthday, Nat Geo takes a fun, nostalgic throwback romp down the cyber highway, from the early days through today. I LOVE THE INTERNET is one part glorious memory lane, one part "how the web changed everything" - our friendships, our habits, even our brains. It's nostalgia entertainment with enough gravitas to make it must-have content on Nat Geo.

CNN: Microsoft warns Windows 10 users to update immediately
Microsoft is warning Windows 10 users to update their operating system immediately because of two "critical" vulnerabilities. The company said the vulnerabilities are potentially "wormable," meaning affected computers could spread viruses and malware without any action on the user's part. There are "potentially hundreds of millions of vulnerable computers," Simon Pope, Microsoft's director of Incident Response, wrote in a blog post Tuesday. "It is important that affected systems are patched as quickly as possible because of the elevated risks associated with wormable vulnerabilities like these, and downloads for these can be found in the Microsoft Security Update Guide," he said.

Forbes: Microsoft Warns Windows 7 and Windows 8 Is Dangerous To Use
Microsoft says you are placing yourself in danger. Upgrade to Windows 10 ASAP!
Microsoft: Support for Windows 7 is ending... All good things must come to an end, even Windows 7. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. But you can keep the good times rolling by moving to Windows 10.
Forbes: Microsoft Abandons 'Windows 8'... Windows 8.1 falls under the same lifecycle policy as Windows 8, and will reach end of Mainstream Support on January 9, 2018 and end of extended support on January 10, 2023.
CNET: Microsoft discontinued shipping Windows 7 and 8.1 on November 2016... After October 31, 2016, the only version of the software that will come on new devices will be Windows 10.

Lenovo Laptop Weekly Sales Deals: Save up to $600 on select Laptops
Lenovo acquired IBM's personal computer business in 2005 and agreed to acquire its Intel-based server business in 2014. Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. It designs, develops, manufactures, and sells personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart televisions. Lenovo was the world's largest personal computer vendor by unit sales from 2013 to 2015. It markets the ThinkPad line of notebook computers, IdeaPad, Yoga and Legion lines of notebook laptops, and the IdeaCentre and ThinkCentre lines of desktops.

So much Social Media but too little time? How to turn clicks into customers!

Save the date, December 6 from 9-11am for our next Business Networking breakfast on the topic of growing your business with social media. The event will be a panel discussion with four social media experts. Heather Dolland, founder of All the Tastes of New York, will moderate the discussion. Learn how you can grow your business with social media and turn your clicks into customers. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. Businesses with existing social media and those wanting to start a social media strategy will benefit from this event. Registration is now open.

* Labor Day special * LENOVO: Save up uo 40% with new doorbusters every day through September 3 at 4AM EST

Shop Today's Doorbusters!

Murray Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA): Do you need help with your computer, mobile device or network?

Super Computer Doctor - "Experience you can trust". Super Computer Doctor has been providing computer repair services and installation for computers, mobile devices, printers, networks, WiFi, firewalls, Sonos and security cameras to residents and small businesses in NYC Murray Hill, East Midtown and Kips Bay for over 20 years. Super Computer Doctor is a Lenovo reseller providing laptop and desktop computers.
Individuals and couples: 20% off estimate or hourly rate for 1st hour (first-time customers only)
Business members: 20% off estimate or hourly rate for 1st hour (first-time customers only)

FREE iPad and iPhone workshop on August 8th @ 10:30am.
Everything You Need To Know About Your iPad/iPhone Series

Bring your iPhone or iPad and learn everything from settings, taking and editing pictures, apps, privacy and security features, updates and much more! For beginners and tech-savvy folks. Please bring your own device to the class. (Devices will not be provided, iPhone and iPads only. No other smartphone or tablet will be discussed.)

Computer 101 tip of the day: "Did you back up your data? Umm I don't do that"

Anyone who has lost important information after a computer failure will be able to relate scene from the show, Sex in the City. In the scene, Sarah Jessica Parker's MacBook crashes while she typing. Her character, who plays a professional writer, panics and becomes even more flustered after her boyfriend tinkers with the computer and is unable to fix it. Later, a technician, while diagnosing the crash, asks when was the last time she backed up her work. She says, "Umm, I don't do that." The scene, while funny in retrospect, is no laughing matter since the computer cannot be recovered and all information is lost including everything she has ever written on it.